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Boot Loader Proposal

Ok, here is how I feel about this long, tiresome argument.  There are 
many people that like grub, and for the majority of the userbase, grub 
does what it needs to do.  Sure there could be some improvement, but 
from what I'm told by the people who work on grub, it's somewhat 
trivial, and possibly the community could do it.

Lilo is still very usefull, and does have some special needs 
requirements.  For this reason, lilo can't be left out in the dark.

Syslinux (aaah, nobody talked about this yet) is a very handy tool, but 
it is also a boot loader, shoot, not anotherone.  The key thing here is 
that syslinux is quite handy for bootable isos, floppies, PXE boots, 
etc..  things that neither lilo nor grub do very well.

Here is what I propose:

Grub and Syslinux remain in Core.  They will cover the mass majority of 
the userbase, with minimal duplication.  Lilo shall be relegated to 
Alternatives or Extras.  Lilo seems to have a smaller need base, but 
still needs to be available.  This should satisfy the majority of the 
people on this list right?

/me prepares napalm umbrella..

Jesse Keating RHCE MCSE (geek.j2solutions.net)
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Mondo DevTeam           (www.mondorescue.org)
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