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Re: Split & move yum headers deeper into the hierachy?

Le mar 21/10/2003 à 20:34, Bill Nottingham a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot (Nicolas Mailhot laPoste net) said: 
> > > Are there really that many mirrors that don't carry the toplevel
> > > rawhide directory?
> > 
> > It's not that they don't carry the toplevel directory, it's that they
> > often do not carry one or more of the arch subdirs. So either people
> > mirror headers (and export misleading info) or they zap it with obscure
> > archs.
> However, the SRPMS are at the toplevel, so you'd have to do symlink
> tricks to include them.

Well, SRPMS are another thing that might end up zapped (though only at
the very small mirror level - intranet mirroring typically).

And with debuginfo packages growing there'll probably be a need at some
point to strip them easily (not that they're not needed they are
massively less used than the other stuff so it makes no sense to push
them in every mirror)


Nicolas Mailhot

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