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Re: yum/apt/up2date + distributed dependencies

On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 08:46:56AM -0400, seth vidal wrote:
> > FC doesn't include xmms-mp3, but xmms-mp3 depends on xmms. Hence, the
> > upgrade of xmms will fail so as not to break xmms-mp3.
> > 
> > Beyond that, suppose that freshrpms does release xmms-mp3-42.1. In this
> > case, up2date COULD resolve the dependency and complete the upgrade -- but
> > to do so it would have to resolve dependencies across two different
> > repositories. Is it able to do so?  (This XMMS example is the first one that
> > came to my mind, but it is easy to imagine more sinister dependency trees.)
> The above is, in fact, the point of having multiple repositories.

	And yes, up2date supports resolving deps acros repos. 

It's not all that smart about it at the moment though. It basically
looks for the dep in repo1, repo2, repo3, till it finds what it
wants. Which is slightly "dumb" but at least predictable. 

No real heuristic for "the packages involved in this
dep problem looks like they may have come from freshrpms, so
look there first" exists. Something like that might be doable, but
it's a bit of a guess. 


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