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Window resize synchronization

I recently tried Fedora Test 3 with the GNOME 2.4 desktop, and I was very
surprised to find out how smoothly GNOME and GTK apps resized. In every other
distribution I have used, even the simplest GTK app would very visibly lag
behind its window frame. In Fedora, even complex apps like Gnumeric and Nautilus
resize without any lag at all.

My question is: Does Fedora include any special patches to accomplish this? I
know that some experimental code was written for metacity and GTK+ that used the
X11 SYNC extension to synchronize frame and window repaints. However, I don't
know if this patch was ever integrated into GTK+ because it doesn't appear to be
in the CVS logs.

My main reason for asking this is because the effect only seems to work with the
XFree86 'nv' driver, and dissapears when using the 'nvidia' binary driver.
According to all my benchmarks, the 'nvidia' driver is much faster in 2D, and
also provides every extension the 'nv' driver does. The 'nvidia' driver also
performs very well in KDE and GTK 1.x apps. I was just wondering if your version
of GTK+ did anything special to hit some sort of bad behavior in those drivers.

Thanks for your time,
    Rayiner H.

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