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the only VPN solution is not in rh

currently there is not any real vpn solution in rh distro. what are the alternatives:
- freeswan (ipsec)
- cipe
- openvpn

although ipsec is the future, it has many probles. the old kernel implementation is not accepted while the new is just in the 2.6 series (the backport is...) and the freeswan's user space part is not compiled for the the ipsec implementation. and we don't the quality of that part of the code (that was the reason why the old kernel psace can't get into the kernel). the x509 patch still not in the mainstream freeswan which is essential for windows clients. imho it needs a year to be stable and usable.

cipe is old and no longer supported.

so the only solution is openvpn. we use the linux version for a year without any problem. which is working and finaly has windows port to, so the road warrior can be a windows now.

so imho it should have to be included in fedora.
just my 2c.

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