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Re: Submitting packages

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On Wed, 22 Oct 2003 23:38:25 +1000, Darryl Luff wrote:

> I submitted one test package to (old) Fedora (p0f). My plan was to watch 
> the process as this package went through, and then once I was familiar 
> with the process, to get involved with processing packages, both my own 
> and others.
> Unfortunately, just after I did this the Redhat/Fedora merge happened. 
> So my trial package has gone nowhere.

Not true. Your package request is right here,


waiting together with 237 other requests.

> I am not sure about the value of this merger. The 'old' Fedora allowed 
> anyone to contribute any package they thought was important. So if a 
> single person anywhere in the world thought that some software was 
> useful, it could be included.

This hasn't changed. 

It's just that the more individuals submit packages, the more QA
resources it takes to review and approve all these packages.

> The 'new' Fedora on the other hand seems more focussed on a 'product' 
> where packages are only included if they fill a hole. The different 
> classes of packages ('extras' etc) are OK, but from what I've read 
> things still need to be approved for inclusion.

Where have you read that? Package submission and approval for the
Fedora Project has not even started yet.

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