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Re: up2date and yum: failover mode?

> But if url://somewhere/somepath is successful, it wouldn't check the
> next repo, would it?

that's what roundrobin vs priority is for.

priority = go through the lists in order.
roundrobin = select one at random and progress through them in sequence
from there.

and if you succeed in connecting to one server why would it want to
check the next baseurl?

> You could combine the failover with the "conventional" multirepo
> access of yum like
> [fastbutabitoutdated]
> name=fastbutabitoutdated
> baseurl=url://somewhere/somepath
> [master]
> name=masterbutfailessometimes
> baseurl=url://somewhereelse/somepath
> 	url://somewhere/somepath
> i.e. put your local mirror at front and as a failover to the master
> mirror, ensuring manximum bandwidth when the package is available at
> the local mirror and also being up to date with failover.

huh? why not just include them in one repo and treat them in priority

I'm not sure what you're goal is above - if the repos are not identical
then they shouldn't be treated as the same.


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