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Re: Submitting packages

Michael Schwendt wrote:

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On Wed, 22 Oct 2003 23:38:25 +1000, Darryl Luff wrote:

I submitted one test package to (old) Fedora (p0f). My plan was to watch the process as this package went through, and then once I was familiar with the process, to get involved with processing packages, both my own and others.

Unfortunately, just after I did this the Redhat/Fedora merge happened. So my trial package has gone nowhere.

Not true. Your package request is right here,


waiting together with 237 other requests.

Yep, thats fine. I wasn't meaning to complain about the time it takes - that is to be expected. I guess I was just expressing a concern about the direction the project is taking. As long as any submitted packages will be accepted into the repositories, it will be great. I was worried that by changing the focus from 'high-quality, 3rd party rpms, for the RedHat Linux distribution' to 'a complete, general purpose operating system (built) exclusively from free software', that someone somewhere would be selecting which packages can be included, rather than allowing any packages someone wants to submit.

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