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Re: rsyncing rawhide -- statistics

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Chris Ricker wrote:

> So, for a daily update of the rawhide binary RPMs, rsync downloaded 16 megs,
> while ftp downloaded 246 megs. That's a very significant savings,
> bandwidth-wise!
> Of course, this was only one trial, and it may have been anomalous -- for
> example, it might be the case that more of the differences between today and
> yesterday's rawhide trees were simply repushes of now-signed packages than
> is usually the case w/ a daily rawhide update.... I'll benchmark a couple
> more days and see what it looks like with repeated samples.

I just did a repeat now that rawhide's been updated again.

For today's daily update (which was mostly newer versions of biggish
packages, rather than resigning packages that already existed), ftp
downloaded 150 megs, while an rsync update downloaded 160 megs. Looks like
the patches to block-align gzip / bzip2 would definitely be needed for rsync
to be useful for more than updating resigned packages....


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