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Self-Introduction: Jean-Luc Fontaine

- Full legal name: Jean-Luc FONTAINE

- Country, City: Le Haillan, France
(Le Haillan is a small city near Bordeaux, where they make excellent wines, I must say ;-)

- Profession: MIS

- Company: CERTIA (a computing regional center for the French Social Security)

- Goals in the Fedora Project
- Which packages do you want to see published?
moodss, a modular monitoring application (GUI and daemon, http://jfontain.free.fr/moodss/) which in turn requires blt (graph widgets, http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/blt/files) and tktable (table widget, http://tktable.sourceforge.net/) (I'd take care of all those)
- Do you want to do QA?
Yes, but after I am somewhat done with my TODO list for moodss
- Anything else special?
If you have any ideas about new modules for moodss, especially for Linux, I'd be glad to work on them.

- Historical qualifications
- What other projects have you worked on in the past?
tclperl (running Perl code from Tcl), tclpython (running Python code from Tcl), stooop (OO programming in Tcl), ...
- What computer languages and other skills do you know?
C, C++, Perl, Python, network monitoring with SNMP, Linux administration, Windows servers administration even...
- Why should we trust you?
Because I am a nice guy: just look at my picture at http://jfontain.free.fr/ ... More seriously, I have been using and enjoying Linux since 1993, and I wanted to give back, so I started to work steadily on system/database/network management free software from 1997. Very recently, my main software project made it in "The Art of UNIX Programming" book by Eric S. Raymond (more information on reviews, users experiences, ... at http://jfontain.free.fr/moodss/).

- GPG KEYID and fingerprint:

pub  1024D/F713D6A4 2003-10-04 Jean-Luc Fontaine <jfontain free fr>
     Key fingerprint = 7AAD 7273 49B0 6A31 1226  28CB 906F CC32 F713 D6A4
sub  1024g/54AD07BC 2003-10-04

I am looking forward to contributing,

Best regards,


PS: moodss blurb:

Moodss 17.11 has just been released. Moodss is a modular multi-platform monitoring application, which supports operating systems (Linux, UNIX, Windows, ...), databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, ODBC, ...), networking (SNMP, Apache, ...), and any device or process for which a module can be developed (in a scripting or compiled language: Tcl, Python, Perl, C).
A very intuitive GUI with full drag'n'drop support allows the construction of powerful dashboards with graphs, pie charts, ..., such as one which would use the cpustats, memstats, apache and MySQL myhealth modules to monitor a busy dynamic web server.
Proactive monitoring is achieved via a thorough thresholds functionality, including warning by multiple emails, user defined scripts, and an included daemon for background monitoring.
Finally, on top of real-time monitoring, any part of the visible data can be archived in a SQL database (MySQL, ODBC or SQLite) by both the GUI and daemon applications, so that, for example, complete history over time can be made available in web pages, common spreadsheet software, or presentations.
This GPL software is included in Suse Professional (rpms for Redhat also available on the author web page), used by IBM to monitor its Linux mainframe (see the "IBM e-server zSeries and S/390: System Management" redbook) and got an excellent review from Unix Review (further information with screenshots at http://jfontain.free.fr/moodss/).

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