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Re: Packages RFC

Dear "Michael A. Koziarski",

Once you wrote about "Re: Packages RFC":
MAK> Jos Vos wrote:
MAK> >On Sun, Oct 26, 2003 at 03:02:58PM -0500, Matt Jarjoura wrote:
MAK> >>Is there a way to fork QMail and make it a side project of Fedora?
MAK> >License-wise: no.
MAK> The qmail license situation is a bit of a mess.  What would be nice is a 
MAK> guide to migrating to something that *can* be distributed by modern 
MAK> distributions.
MAK> I currently have several gigabytes of my family's mail in hundreds of 
MAK> qmail Maildirs.  An MDA that can read those as is, or can provide 
MAK> conversion scripts, would be greatly appreciated.  Plus it will help 
MAK> people migrate to a more official fedora-core setup.
MAK> Does anyone have any ideas?

Have you looked into Exim ( http://www.exim.org ) ?

Best regards,
  Leonid Mamtchenkov, RHCE
  System Administrator
  Francoudi & Stephanou Ltd.

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