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Open Music in Fedora Core?

Hi again gang...

I have an interesting idea.  What if we included an "Open Music" item on
the FC desktop?  

How exactly could this work?  Well, there are several ways, but two ways
I can think of right off the bat are:

Including songs from Open Artist:
You could directly include a handful of songs from Open Artist into the
Fedora Core distro.

Providing download links in "Open Music" desktop folder:
With this method, you could include more music, by simply pointing
people to links where people can freely download said music.

I guess the above begs the questions: What is Open Music?  Where are
these types of artist?  What license would be viable in order to allow
Fedora to package and ship these songs. Would linking allow for slightly
less restrictive licensing.

I mention it because I personally would like to make some of my music
available where it could be traded and listened to.  My feelings are
that if people enjoy what we are doing, then they'll come to our shows,
buy physical copies of our CD's, or find other ways to support us in our

Another nice thing is that it would allow people to see that yes, you
can have music on your Linux desktop.

Thanks for your time,

Trae McCombs -- vocals, bass

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