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Re: Open Music in Fedora Core?

> I guess the above begs the questions: What is Open Music?  Where are
> these types of artist?  What license would be viable in order to allow
> Fedora to package and ship these songs. Would linking allow for slightly
> less restrictive licensing.

I'm not sure how music fits the 'computing' license view (but then I guess
one could argue themes are the same kind of artistic material).

> I mention it because I personally would like to make some of my music
> available where it could be traded and listened to.  My feelings are
> that if people enjoy what we are doing, then they'll come to our shows,
> buy physical copies of our CD's, or find other ways to support us in our
> efforts.

Sounds like freedesktop.org material. An agreed way to index, describe
and find systemwide media files. The updating part is easy - you can keep
music in rpm format too and yum update it. The automatic indexing for apps
doesn't seem to be covered unless scrollkeeper is already happy with non
document media ?


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