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Yum Feature Requests


As Yum is very handy, it gets harder and harder as time pasts to
go to the sites and download RPMs manually, so here I propose the
following features.  Let me know if they are already implemented
/ there's something wrong with them / ...:

1. Some way to install SRPMs.  When you are testing a distro, it
comes quite handy to install the SRPM with a single yum command
when you find a bug and want to look at.

2. A way to force reinstall of a package.  If by any chance I get
one of my packages corrupted, the way I do right now is to rpm -e
--nodeps it and then yum install.

3. A way to find out which repo contains the currently installed
version of a package.  It comes quite handy when you want to
install SRPMs.  Currently I have to guess, or go around all

4. A way to downgrade a package (say for the moment, that's ok if
update overrides that).

On a side note:  Is there any way, to keep updated on both 2.4
and 2.6 kernels?  Without renaming one of the to say


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