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Self-Introduction: Michel Alexandre Salim


I have been informally involved with the original Fedora Project from
time to time, but have not actually submitted my complete details, so
here it is..

1. Full legal name
Last name:	Salim
First names:	Michel Alexandre

2. Address:	Jakarta, Indonesia
3. Status:	B.Eng in CS, aspiring graduate student
4. School:	Previously with University of York, United Kingdom
5. Goals
	- maintaining deprecated packages like fortune-mod
	- packaging applets i.e. General Applet Interface toys
	- packaging weblog/RSS tools, e.g. PyDS, straw

	Willing to do QA, but might not be able to do large packages due to
bandwith constraints
6. Qualifications:
	- beta tester for previous RH beta releases with several bug reports
	- packaged xmms-cdread, repackaged fortune-mod with added cookie files
	- familiar with Red Hat distributions (see above), Bugzilla and Python

7. GPG KEYID - B58A8357
pub  1024D/B58A8357 2002-10-10 Michel Alexandre Salim
<salimma users sourceforge net>
     Key fingerprint = 2030 FCC0 39EF 8BB6 1518  8BAA B469 B1DE B58A
uid                            Michel Alexandre Salim
<salimma1 yahoo co uk>
uid                            [jpeg image of size 2207]
sub  3072g/53168D44 2002-10-10



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