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Re: yum.conf shipped with 1.0

Michael A. Koziarski wrote:
Hi All,

will the yum.conf shipped with Fedora Core 1.0 include entries for fedora.us? I think it's a good first step to introducing users to the idea of using yum repositories to get software.

In theory I would agree with you, but there are several large obstacles that hinder this, the main being too much bandwidth usage for the mirror pointed by the default yum.conf. There there were a GUI/TUI mirror selection tool that people were forced to use prior to their first yum, that wouldn't be a problem.

There are other large obstacles, but I will let the others speak of them.

For now, I would highly advise spreading word of fedora.us repositories and other helpful 3rd party repositories. Our tools and infrastructure are not ready for the entire world.

While on the subject, if you currently use download.fedora.us, please change your apt/yum configuration and choose a nearer mirror. I *know* there are closer mirrors to everybody than Hawaii.

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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