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krb5-libs & krb5-devel

Hi - 
I upgraded from redhat 9 to rawhide a while back, and everything has
been going fine. Except, krb5-libs and -devel have been showing up in my
un-upgradable apt-get upgrade list for some time. Whenever I attempt to
install them my system gets hosed (it tries to uninstall nearly
everthing). Everything that depends on krb5-libs works, but nothing that
depends on it to compile can compile (i get all kinds of missing
If I manually upgrade (rpm -Uvh --force --nodeps krb5-libs.rpm
krb5-devel.rpm) the system dies (rpm stops working etc.). I don't want
to go through a complete reinstall again,so I wanted to ask the list
first - is it possible to parallel install krb5-libs 1.2.8-4 and the
newest version? Will programs that depend on either break? 

All of the packages depend upon libcom_err.so.3, but all I can find
mention of is libcom_err.so.2 (.3 is provided by krb5-libs 1.2.8-4, .2
is provided by 1.3.1-6)

Should I just reinstall from rawhide (from scratch) and hope it all goes
away? (everything else is up-to-date as of this point in time)


-- matt

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