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Re: yum.conf shipped with 1.0

> For now, I would highly advise spreading word of fedora.us repositories 
> and other helpful 3rd party repositories.  Our tools and infrastructure 
> are not ready for the entire world.

I'm still pondering whether yum is only half of the answer or whether an
infrastructure built around bt would be better. Something like

	update-daemon	queries DNS to get a TXT value to the 'current'
			bittorrent seed set (DNS is a nice scalable 
			mechanism to distribute the regularly queried info)

			Use bt to sync the seed set and get an archive of
			current .hdr files, using the old one as the start

			Work out which packages are needed
			(Could skip this bit if you were caching for a
			 collection of your own boxes)

			Map them to bt urls/seeds by a fixed algorithm

			Bittorrent those

			Sit around for a little while helping uplink


			Back to start

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