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Re: Fedora on PPC

On Tue, Oct 28, 2003 at 09:13:55AM -0500, Matt Jarjoura wrote:
> What about Yellow Dog Linux?!  They have been supplying PPC RedHat for
> years now.  My next impression is that it would be very easy to merge the
> modifications from YDL to Fedora.

Indeed - I believe Dan knows YDL v. well, and has been supplying patches
to anaconda, etc for ppc compatibility. As lots of development will go
on in rawhide, more people running ppc rawhide will benefit both Fedora
and YDL, so everyone should be happy.  Rawhide seems more active than

I'm sure a lot of FC 1 will go into YDL, and I wouldn't want to
duplicate work - in fact installing/bootstrapping was extremely easy
thanks to the work of Terrasoft and the fact that rawhide has been
building for ppc.  Once I got up2date installed I've happily got gnome
working (I manually configured XF86Config from other sources).


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