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Re: Vector-based Fedora Logo Available?

Garrett LeSage writes:
> From: Garrett LeSage <garrett redhat com>
> Steven Garrity wrote:
> >> From: "Ricky Boone" <whiplash planetfurry com>
> >> Probably a really stupid question..., but will
> >> there be a version of the (final) Fedora logo as
> >> a vector-based image, in a format like EPS, SVG, etc?
> >
> >I apologize if this question has been answered elsewhere - but I was 
> >wondering if there is a public repository for the artwork in general - 
> >vector/bitmap-originals of the bluecurve graphics, etc.
> Not yet.  It is something to definitely consider though... (:

Well, I will confess that I don't know much about EPS. However, SVG has
the advantage, from where I sit, of having been designed from the ground
up to support accessibility.


> Garrett
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