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Re: yum.conf shipped with 1.0

On Tue, Oct 28, 2003 at 01:17:15PM -0500, Alan Cox wrote:
> > > 			Use bt to sync the seed set and get an archive of
> > > 			current .hdr files, using the old one as the start
> > > 			point.
> > 
> >   Hum, do you suggest having all the .hdr on all the clients ? That sounds
> Thats pretty much what you have now with up2date. Disk is cheap. You have
> all the base .hdr's from the install.

 that sounds a bit extreme to me. I'm not sure that this behaviour is really
needed, this might be true, but so far I'm not convinced that up2date fetching
all the headers doesn't qualify as a bug rather than a feature.

> > Another point is that the repository metadata evolves gradually, I am not sure
> > BitTorrent act on a versionned or delta way when operating on a set, probably
> > but I wonder how this would interfere with the change of the seed.
> If you start bt with a file that some segment has changed on then it thinks
> its restarting froma partial run so fills it in. If segments move its 
> screwed up. That means a single hdr archive which simply grows on the end
> as errata should be ok as I understand it - and in part the idea relies
> on this.

  Well my question was more about the fact that the set will evolves
with removal and additions in an incremental fashion. Assuming that the
seed get regenerated for the torrent encapsulating the set of files, will
BT check the fiels individually for idempotence and avoid a full transfert,
in practice it would mean that a delta mechanism is available and regenerating
seeds at each repository update (and if making sure yum-arch doesn't change
the headers.info files at each run) would bring an easy large scale replication
mechanism easilly. But I'm not sure we should propagate that to all the 
leaves. Disk ain't that cheap, and I hate when the /var of my systems gets


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