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Re: yum.conf shipped with 1.0

Le mar 28/10/2003 à 19:14, Alan Cox a écrit :
> > > > 	update-daemon	queries DNS to get a TXT value to the 'current'
> > > > 			bittorrent seed set (DNS is a nice scalable=20
> > > > 			mechanism to distribute the regularly queried info)
> > 
> > How would a local mirror be managed in this system ?
> > Setting up repository mirrors should not be made overly difficult, else
> > all small edge mirrors disappear.
> If you are pushing updates between users by bittorrent you don't need
> mirrors although if you wanted you could use bittorrent to populate 
> ftp/http mirrors too

You need them if you're behind a fw or if your link is too busy during
the day (voip) so you must get the packages at night, but updates are
performed by humans during the day (rawhide syncs, install of new
packages, etc)

Or else if you have a shitty isp and want to have a local cache so you
can continue to operate when the link goes down.

I'm not saying your solution is bad, just that it doesn't cover the
whole problem space. Whatever the solution is local network caches are
part of it


Nicolas Mailhot

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