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Re: yum.conf shipped with 1.0

Le mer 29/10/2003 à 00:46, Michael A. Koziarski a écrit :
> > Very often, the user does not care or does not have info enough.
> > Whatever checks the user is supposed to do right now, a preogram can do
> > too.
> This is not always true.
> I am charged less for bandwidth within New Zealand.  How is the program 
> meant to know that?
> My gentoo server uses an NZ portage mirror and this works well,  however 
> mirrorselect reports an australian one as being the fastest and won't 
> let me choose another.  Any tool to automatically select mirrors will 
> *have* to let the user override its selection.
> That's not to say it can't default the selections, even hide them in a 
> 'view selected mirror' pop-up.  But I need to be able to change it.
> Admittedly, I'll be in the minority here, most people can just choose 
> their mirror.

can not you mean...

Anyway sure there is room for ntp-like "prefer" overrides, but they
should not be the default.


Nicolas Mailhot

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