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Re: OSSNET - Proposal for Swarming Data Propagation

On Tue, 28 Oct 2003 19:04:52 -1000
Warren Togami <warren togami com> wrote:

> (Alan Cox mentioned a theoretical idea for bittorrent in data
> propagation for yum... so this seemed like the most appropriate time to 
> post this again. Comments would be greatly welcomed.)
> OSSNET Proposal
> October 28, 2003
> Warren Togami <warren togami com>
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All of this sounds excellent except for small files, If I grab a 
1 MB file from bit-torrent, the time it takes to sync the servers
is slower then it would take to download. Speed doesn't usually pick
up till you're a few minutes into a d/l so for clients I'm not sure
how usefull this would be seeing as most updates are tiny with exception
to the obvious monsters. Maybe limits could be written in. If a file
size is less then two megs its a direct download and for larger files
this new 'yumtode' app could kick in.

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