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Re: OSSNET - Proposal for Swarming Data Propagation

Alan Cox wrote:
1. This idea sucks, I don't want to upload!
RTFM! This proposal says that clients have upload DISABLED by default.

Makes it hard to scale well. I was I admit thinking the reverse - if you
don't upload you get very little. Economic motivations and all that.

Perhaps, but it still scales better than the one-to-one client to server model that we currently have. And unlike current BitTorrent where most traffic is supplied by tiny uplinks of asymmetric links, OSSNET is seeded by MONSTER bandwidth from hundreds of dedicated mirrors around the world, plus your local cable/DSL OSSNET cache server.

Comments? =)

Within a company it could also be very useful as a read only fs, where
each inode is a torrent. Pull files from random clients not always from the
NFS server 8)

Um... =)


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