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Re: yum.conf shipped with 1.0

Can the set of default headers be installed by default for base Fedora for which ever mirror you choose? I mean they shouldn't have to be fetched especially right after an installation.

That way you only are looking for updates (which should be small to none).
Just a thought.


seth vidal wrote:

Well it should still work. We do want more beta/rawhide testers right ?

sure, and changes in the future will make that less of a bandwidth need. but I'm not going to force some changes into yum in 2.0.x before they're ready to deal with a very small subset of users.

(plus it suspect more broadband availability will lead to more users of
my kind)

broadband users shouldn't really worry. I use rawhide on my laptop and it only takes about 30s to download the updated headers everyday.


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