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Re: Vector-based Fedora Logo Available?

Janina Sajka wrote:

Garrett LeSage writes:

From: Garrett LeSage <garrett redhat com>

Steven Garrity wrote:

From: "Ricky Boone" <whiplash planetfurry com>
Probably a really stupid question..., but will
there be a version of the (final) Fedora logo as
a vector-based image, in a format like EPS, SVG, etc?

I apologize if this question has been answered elsewhere - but I was wondering if there is a public repository for the artwork in general - vector/bitmap-originals of the bluecurve graphics, etc.

Not yet. It is something to definitely consider though... (:

Well, I will confess that I don't know much about EPS. However, SVG has the advantage, from where I sit, of having been designed from the ground up to support accessibility.


EPS is "Encapsulated PostScript" and it seems to be rendered much better with freely available PostScript renderers compared to SVG. Nearly every bit of SVG I have tossed at an open source SVG renderer has been incorrectly drawn on the screen, unfortunately.

PostScript renderers are better than SVG renderers (for the time being) due to the fact that PostScript has been around for several years longer than SVG.


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