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Self-Introduction: Thomas J. Baker

     Name:  Thomas J. Baker 
   Address: USA, Durham, NH 
Profession: Systems Programmer 
   Company: University of New Hampshire, Research Computing Center 

	-- help fedora contain up to date versions of some already included 
           software and some missing software like galeon, seahorse, synergy,
           gthumb, xmms-shn, glabels
	-- I'll willing to do QA but it will usually be limited to software I
           or someone I support or work with needs
        -- I currently build quite a few rpms on my own which I'd like to
           see in fedora. I maintain my own apt/yum repository for supported 
           Red Hat releases and my extra packages. I support over 40 linux
           systems and that number is increasing all the time. I'll probably
           add a fedora mirror to my mirror list soon.
	-- I've beta tested every Red Hat release since 6.2. I'm a regular
           bugzilla contributer for Red Hat, Gnome, Ximian, and GPE, amoung
           others. I beta test the GPE palmtop environment on iPAQs. 
        -- I know C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, csh, sh, and other 'dead'
           languages. I do applications, systems, and web programming on
           a daily basis. 

GPG KEYID and fingerprint:

wintermute> gpg --fingerprint 1CEE63C4
pub  1024D/1CEE63C4 2001-10-08 Thomas J. Baker <tjb unh edu>
     Key fingerprint = 7AB2 D9FD 1B5A 4CCC 95A9  7E2E A02B 638E 1CEE 63C4
sub  1024g/2DA4F4E2 2001-10-08

neuromancer> gpg --fingerprint 7AFDB8C4
pub  1024D/7AFDB8C4 2001-10-08 Thomas J. Baker <tjb bakerconsulting com>
     Key fingerprint = 18DB A077 00BB 54EB 569B  517E FC87 8868 7AFD B8C4
sub  1024g/230B9388 2001-10-08

| Thomas Baker                                  email: tjb unh edu    |
| Systems Programmer                                                  |
| Research Computing Center                     voice: (603) 862-4490 |
| University of New Hampshire                     fax: (603) 862-1761 |
| 332 Morse Hall                                                      |
| Durham, NH 03824 USA              http://wintermute.sr.unh.edu/~tjb |

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