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Re: Infrastructure job...

In message <20031030142945 E8407 devserv devel redhat com>, "Michael K. Johnson
" writes:
 >One of the things that I'd like to have before doing that is a
 >CVS ACL implementation that allows us to put ACLS on branches.
 >The one we use internally allows us to lock down a repository
 >to certain developers, but I'd really like, for example, to allow
 >package developers to lock down CVS HEAD on their packages but
 >still let other developers do work on a branch, and then the
 >main developer(s) for that package merge the work down to CVS
 >HEAD when they think it's appropriate.
 >Anyone interested in working on that?
There's actually a couple projects which are providing ACLs for CVS.


I don't know which is more mature or whether or not either is working with
the main CVS folks to ensure integration.  But they're probably worth looking


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