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x86_64 issues, etc.

As we get closer to Release, and hopefully and x86_64 FC1 release, I would 
like to offer a few things. 

First, bugzilla tickets referencing x86_64 arch for fedora packages, if 
you can assign them to 64bit_Fedora comcast net I will look over them and 
see if I can field them in an effort to reduce load.  I have a feeling 
many of them will be less code issues, and more integration issues which I 
should be able to easily address, and then forward on if they are code 
related, or cross arch.  This should help reduce the strain of supporting 
another arch.

Second, I am setting up another AMD64 system to use for builds, etc for 
packages where people do not have the hardware to build or test on.  Just 
let me know where the SRPM is and I will build and QA against AMD64 to 
ensure the platform is well supported with not just core but extras.

If there is anything else I can do to assist, please let me know via email 
or irc.

There has been quite a bit of interest in this platform, and with AMD 
pushing it as a home user system as well, I think that interest will 
continue to grow.  


Justin M. Forbes

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