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Re: gconfd-2 does not exit when a user log out, breaks unmountinghome

On Thu, 2003-10-30 at 19:56, W. Michael Petullo wrote:
> Your second solution may be something that could be generalized to be
> quite useful -- perhaps freedesktop.org material?  Other projects,
> like the venerable esd, have problems similar to gconfd.  Esd can lock
> down a system's audio device for a while after a user logs out.  I'll have
> to spend a little time looking at xscreensaver, gnome-settings-daemon,
> etc.

My eventual thought is that dbus could perform this function; the
per-session message bus is tied exactly to the lifetime of the user's
session, and thus performs the same function as the X server. (Most apps
exit on logout because they lose their X server connection.) dbus itself
already has a mechanism where it can be tied to the X server lifetime or
the login session's pty.

> Your first solution seems simple enough.  I included a very unsophisticated
> patch that performs the task (vs. gnome-session 2.4.0).  Comments?

It looks sane to me, thanks. I'd file it on bugzilla.gnome.org, and also
make a bugzilla.redhat.com bug with a link to the gnome.org bug (or use
an existing bug if someone already opened it) to remind us to backport
the patch if needed, since we'll probably still be on GNOME 2.4 in the
next Fedora Core release. We could also do a bugfix update to Fedora
Core 1 once the freeze is over.


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