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Re: Infrastructure job...

On Thu, 30 Oct 2003 law redhat com wrote:

> What I want to see is the ability to sandbox developers.  Hell, whatever
> we end up using for Fedora may be useful for the GCC project since we're
> branch-happy these days :-)

Have you tried arch?

It's very difficult to summarize in a few words all it can do, but 

-you don't deal with patches of every file, you have patchsets that 
 include whole sets of changes
-it handles renames
-you can have your own repository locally without any special server
-you can easyly branch projects and merge back and forth among 
 branches with conflict
-branching is cheap, immediate
-developement style encourages creating branches for features
-development isenouraed because worknig in one's own branch freely, 
 without taboos, conflicts and problems let's you concentrate in what you 
 really want to do. And you know htat getting your work upstreamed will be 
 only a matter of telling the owners of the project to pick up your 
 patchsets (or sending them in patch format that i'ts also possible)
-it's written in C and very fast
-savannah.gnu.org will offer arch hosting too

I don't want to make you lose more time. If you feel like it could fit 
your needs, that CVS is a bit limited, just try it. Or if you have any 
questions, just let me know :)


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