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Yum-able screen-4.0.1 test-only RPMS


I put RPMS of screen-4.0.1 on my people.redhat.com account.  You can use


Or, download the packages directly:


The major difference is screen's lack of needing backspace bindings.  

NOTE NOTE NOTE: If you test this package, you must also comment out the
"stty erase `tput kbs`" line from your shell's rcfile.  Tcsh users, I am
told, do not need to do this.  

Additionally, you may have to remove the backspace key binding from
/etc/screenrc or ~/.screenrc (If RPM saves your old configuration...)

The goal here is to remove all of the workaround we put in to make
screen work properly WRT backspace/del.  In theory, 4.0.1 no longer
needs them.

Lon Hohberger
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