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Re: x86_64 issues, etc.

Justin M. Forbes wrote:

Second, I am setting up another AMD64 system to use for builds, etc for packages where people do not have the hardware to build or test on. Just let me know where the SRPM is and I will build and QA against AMD64 to ensure the platform is well supported with not just core but extras.

May I recommend trying to get vserver kernel patch working on the AMD64 kernel, that way you can securely give root access to other developers, and each would have their own independent chroot where they can use yum to add/remove packages... a very necessary part in the process of developing packages. Apache can be running in another vserver instance locally to act as a local yum source.

Give the developer vservers a different IP address and use iptables to lockdown network access, so nothing can get out except packets belonging to their incoming SSH connection. (Prevent any chance of abuse.)


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