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Re: x86_64 issues, etc.

I would love to, but would have to work out the logistics... I am an 
individual, with regular cable net access to this system, so it is DHCP 
and I only get one address.  In the meantime I can take existing SRPMs and 
do the build for AMD64 on this system without problem.  Hopefully at some 
point I can look at giving others access, etc.


On Fri, 31 Oct 2003, Warren Togami wrote:

> Justin M. Forbes wrote:
> > 
> > Second, I am setting up another AMD64 system to use for builds, etc for 
> > packages where people do not have the hardware to build or test on.  Just 
> > let me know where the SRPM is and I will build and QA against AMD64 to 
> > ensure the platform is well supported with not just core but extras.
> May I recommend trying to get vserver kernel patch working on the AMD64 
> kernel, that way you can securely give root access to other developers, 
> and each would have their own independent chroot where they can use yum 
> to add/remove packages... a very necessary part in the process of 
> developing packages.  Apache can be running in another vserver instance 
> locally to act as a local yum source.
> Give the developer vservers a different IP address and use iptables to 
> lockdown network access, so nothing can get out except packets belonging 
> to their incoming SSH connection.  (Prevent any chance of abuse.)
> Warren
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