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Re: gconfd-2 does not exit when a user log out, breaks unmounting home

>> Your second solution may be something that could be generalized to be
>> quite useful -- perhaps freedesktop.org material?  Other projects,
>> like the venerable esd, have problems similar to gconfd.  Esd can lock
>> down a system's audio device for a while after a user logs out.  I'll have
>> to spend a little time looking at xscreensaver, gnome-settings-daemon,
>> etc.
> My eventual thought is that dbus could perform this function; the
> per-session message bus is tied exactly to the lifetime of the user's
> session, and thus performs the same function as the X server. (Most apps
> exit on logout because they lose their X server connection.) dbus itself
> already has a mechanism where it can be tied to the X server lifetime or
> the login session's pty.

Very nice.
>> Your first solution seems simple enough.  I included a very unsophisticated
>> patch that performs the task (vs. gnome-session 2.4.0).  Comments?
> It looks sane to me, thanks. I'd file it on bugzilla.gnome.org, and also
> make a bugzilla.redhat.com bug with a link to the gnome.org bug (or use
> an existing bug if someone already opened it) to remind us to backport
> the patch if needed, since we'll probably still be on GNOME 2.4 in the
> next Fedora Core release. We could also do a bugfix update to Fedora
> Core 1 once the freeze is over.

I attached the patch to GNOME Bugzilla #97361 and mentioned the GNOME
report in Red Hat Bugzilla #67605.  I'd really like to see a fix in
Fedora once it thaws.



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