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redhat to use yum?


i saw rawhide has yum. if fedora is going to have
yum(i think this is essential) it would good to
central apt enabled repostries maintained by redhat
while others can have third party repostries for non
free and patented stuff like xmms-mp3 plugins aka

yum may be dumped in redhat support versions or
offered as a unsupported alternative.

how about some home user focus. wouldnt that be


* single cdrom with one or more optional packages in
other cds

*the installer includes the ability to resize
partitons(fat and ntfs)

*ntfs support enabled by default

* automatically mount windows partitions in dual boot
systems and put icons on the desktop

*include rpms from kde-redhat.sf.net with just the
theme changed to bluecurve(no changes in the
 drop kde or gnome altogether and focus on one GUI and
polish it to the maximum possible(no redundant menu
entries or applications - something like ark or jamd)

there might have been other changes that i have
missed. these changes are not currently very
profitable to redhat now but would help increase its
user base by many folds

rahul sundaram

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