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Re: fedora only for US users ?

Pekka Savola wrote:

I think that now the fedora project is more open to community, it's time to really open it to all languages.

http://fedora.redhat.com/about/rhel.html says about Fedore Core:

Users: Early adopters, enthusiasts, developers

How big a percentage of the above-mentioned user group does not speak English?

Note that it's about being able to read/speak/write English, it has nothing to do with "US" or not.

My personal belief is that most of the internationalization efforts are of
very low priority for that particular user group.

And you are very wrong.
A lot of people can live with english. That doesn't mean they would not jump on a localized version if available. Didn't you notice the efforts an ubber-geek like Alan Cox spent on Welsh lately ? Yet he can live with english too.

Non native langage apps are a pain just like non AA fonts were or XFree approximative drivers for new gfx cards are. Do not underestimate the impact of little pains - a project like Gnome saw the HiG light after accumulating for years "low priority" problems people "could live with".

Polish counts.

Nicolas Mailhot

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