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Re: fedora only for US users ?

Pekka Savola wrote:

What I try to say that IMHO it is more important to spend the energy on
development, testing etc. _in this specific distribution, which should be
a "moving target", than continuously revising the translations.

Galeon and epy and Gnome in general use a continuously revised translation model. Mozilla does what you propose ie do everything in english and worry about translations last.

Guess which of these projects prompted a message today about the quality of the localizations ?

Localization is integral part of software like pretty icons, attention to ergonomy and so on. You can not expect to dump it on a final last stage and actually get a good results.

Granted, some people will never appreciate it just like others are colour-blind. That does not mean it is not important.

We are not talking about writing software from scratch here. To get into Fedora a project must at least reached the packageable state. If at this stage the project maintainers haven't even started thinking about localization we should really worry because there's little chance it will be done by the time Fedora core ships.

And I do realise that in some countries having english-only software is not crucial (either because they are english-speaking countries or because culturaly people are ready to accept working in a foreign tongue). But please do not generalise from those cases. They are far from constituting the bulk of the planet.


However, what I do object to is getting into the state where we expect translations to be one of the number one priorities in this particular project.

Sure they won't be the number one priority. I'd be surprised something will - you need more than one focus to make a great product.

However there is no question in my mind they should be one of the biggest priorities at least for all the desktop stuff. Even native english speakers would appreciate a proper translation from irc english to litterary english I'm sure.

The sad fact is most coders can not write correctly in any language. If they could they wouldn't have chosen this branch of work anyway;)


Nicolas Mailhot

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