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Re: Showstopper in the RPM submission procesdure

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> However, at the moment there is at least one serious practical problem
> that loses me as a package contributor.  That is the use of Bugzilla
> (or any other method that requires manual click-and-confirm) for RPM
> submission.  Most people maintain one or two packages at most; they
> can live with a manual submission process.  At last count, I
> maintained thirty-seven packages -- thus, I can't.  (This is also why
> I don't publish through SourceForge.)

I don't think there is an official "RPM submission procedure" yet.  The 
unofficial (only!) one is to send mails to Red Hat folks, or add a bug in 

But I think the final one will be much, much better .. once we get there. 

Pekka Savola                 "You each name yourselves king, yet the
Netcore Oy                    kingdom bleeds."
Systems. Networks. Security. -- George R.R. Martin: A Clash of Kings

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