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Re: Fedora security announce and discussion lists

On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 21:50, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Rawhide was/is ok. It's fast-paced enough (except during betas of
> course;() one can just to a regular apt-dist-upgrade and get all the
> security fixes (a lot of fixes for core are tested in rawhide first
> anyway). An up-to-date rawhide is not much a security risk I feel - it
> breaks enough regular software it should also break most exploits;)
> OTOH, I've always felt nervous about fedora.us(...) packages. There are
> too many conflicts with Rawhide one could auto-update  them blindly, at
> the risk of getting things stale like you noted.

Please voice your concerns so I can hear it. =)

In this particular case it is already the plan of fedora.us to remain in
sync with up2date Severn2 channel during this beta period.  I still have
to write the scripts to make this possible, but it should be done by the
end of the week.

fedora.us' 0.94 repository is open now.  Missing packages from Shrike
and Severn1 are being added every day.  You only get added functionality
by using fedora.us 0.94 repository with Severn2.


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