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Re: Future: fhs 2.3 compliance for fc3

> /srv OTOH seems to have been well received by a sizable part of the
> posters - can it go in without being blocked by /media for now ?

We should further evaluate that. Is LSB-2.0 requireing it? What about
compatibility to older versions and upgrade support to current rpms?

Compat symlinks often cause problems, just as well as changing an
existing structure. That is often a bigger problem than the advantage
of the location of the new directory.

Along the same lines Red Hat satyed conservative by sticking to
sendmail instead of changing over to postfix/exim. (I still remember
the Linux kongress way back in 1995 where Alan Cox, Linus and a few
other said sendmail is not something you should start using on Linux. ;-)


Florian La Roche

P.S.: Starting the MTA is not meant to disturbe the discussion. I think it
      is valuable to understand that any change in behaviour is bad, but
      Red Hat definitely should look at what point it is important to have
      enough benefits for e.g. /srv and other new paths.

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