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Re: Install CDROM boot problems

Shahms King пишет:

Neither FC1 nor FC2 test 1 install CDROMs will boot from my laptop's
firewire cdrom.  It's not a problem of the installer not working, I
don't see any indication that any attempt was made to boot from CDROM at
all, no ISOLINUX message, nothing.  The CDs boot just fine in my desktop
and the RedHat 9 discs will boot (and install) without a problem.

I found some similar bugs in bugzilla when going from RH7.3 -> RH8, but
nothing more recent than that. Is this a known issue? What changed from
RH9 -> FC1 that might be causing this?

Looks like something is wrong with boot CD format. My desktop box is unable to boot from FC2-test2-i386-disc1.iso, while laptop booted OK. Media itself was successfully verified on desktop box that did not want to boot from it, so I think the problem is between bios and boot record.

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