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Re: RFC: fedora.us QA approval format

Hi Toshio

> I've been working on something similar and it's also just about ready
> for a first look.  Could you tell me more about yours so I know if I
> should join your effort, merge ideas back and forth with you, or keep
> working independently?

You can find our script here:
(that's a snapshot of the CVS)

> Mine is a little pygnome app that basically presents the user with a
> checklist that they then fill out in order to generate the QA Review.
> It's working well enough for a testing release (one work-aroundable
> bug)  but I have to finish adding checklist items from Fedora.us today.

Hmm, interesting... Ours is a console only script which generates a pastable
output of the report as well as a few files containing the todo list,
rpmlint's output and the report itself. Its main features are:
- Download of the srpm, given the bug ID
- Check of the srpm md5sum (if it exists)
- Download of the sources, with md5sum check
- Check of the srpm GPG signature
- Build of the srpm in mach
- Display of rpmlint's "advice"
- Display of the files in the resulting binary rpm
- Display of the report, to be edited, signed and pasted in bugzilla
- Display of the TODO list (check that were not done, installation, etc...)
- Interactive mode where you can choose which tests to run (default)
- Batch mode where all the tests are run
- Debug mode
- Support for livna packages
(Erik please complete the list if I forgot something)

It's getting pretty usable, and needs some testing. The next big item in our
(at least my) TODO list is the fork the build in mach in order to save
> It looks (from seeing your sample review) that you've got a more
> streamlined, automated script but I'm not sure.

You're very welcome to look at it, and even test it if you can ;-)


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