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qa-assistant version 0.1

Hello all,

As mentioned earlier today, I have been working on a graphical python
app to help with Quality Assurance of Fedora Extras.  While it doesn't
have all the features I have planned for it, it does provide enough to
allow a QA newbie to run through the standard checklist and generate a
review template to upload to Fedora.us bugzilla.

Tarball is at:

Since this is a python script, there's no compiling to be done.  You
need to have python2.2 (2.3 is untested right now), libxml2-python,
pygtk2, pygtk2-libglade, gnome-python2, and rpm-python (If you have yum
and a few redhat-config-* utilities, these should already be
installed.)  Just download, untar, cd into the directory, and
./qa-assistant [PATH TO SRPM]

QA Assistant is a bit inflexible about loading an SRPM to begin the
review, right now.  You have to specify it on the commandline.  Once
loaded, the application will present you with a checklist that you can
cycle through, checking off Pass, Fail, Non-Blocker, or Not-Applicable
and selecting whether to send the output to the review or not.  Clicking
on a cell in the Output Column will allow you to edit the message. 
Pressing Ctrl-T will toggle the Preview Pane which shows you
approximately what the Review will look like.  Pressing Ctrl-P will
"Publish" the review to a file.

Screenshot of QA-Assistant's Main Interface:
Screenshot of QA-Assistant's Preview Pane:
Screenshot of a completed Review:

I need some help moving QA-Assistant forward.  If you'd care to
contribute I need:

- Feedback!  What works, what doesn't.  What should I fix first and what
should I hold off on?

- XML authors to look at my checklist format and spot anything that
should be implemented some other way

- XML writers to add, subtract, multiply, and divide the fedoraus.xml
checklist description or create new checklists from it.

- Programmers who can take a look at some of my pygtk hacks and tell me
how I could improve the speed and beauty of the app.  (I had to write a
custom cell renderer for the checklist's Treeview and another custom
widget for the Preview Pane which is why both of them are tolerable but
not perfect.)

- Programmers to tackle any items in the TODO file.
Suggestions and code welcome.

  t  o  s  h  i  o  +  t  i  k  i  -  l  o  u  n  g  e  .  c  o  m
                                                          GA->ME 1999

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