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anaconda help RFE and other Fedora developmental queries

Hi guys

I have a few items I'd like to mention:

* I suggest the Help sidebar for the firewall setup section of the
anaconda installation procedure (test2+) should contain some notes
explaining the SELinux extension options available. (i.e. Disabled,
Warn, Active). Sure, people should have read the release notes but
adding this keeps with the trend of briefly documenting each section of
the install procedure.

* Within the system-config-network tool, it is now possible to set up
IPSEC VPN links. ( great!) However, the /usr/bin/internet-druid tools
still lists a wizard for setting up CIPE tunnels. Further, it even fails
mentioning that package "cipe" is needed to continue with the setup.
Now, clearly, this is a hold-over of previous OS releases and as such
should be removed from this Internet Config Tool should it not? (esp.
since Red Hat have explained its dropping of the package from the
distribution due to insecurity issues; see recent discussion on the
On that note, would it not be reasonable to replace this CIPE wizard
with the IPSEC one?

* Fedora Core's rhn-applet still associates somewhat with Red Hat's RHN
service now used exclusively with Enterprise products. (Such as
right-click, "RHN Website", etc.) Is it not reasonable to remove any
mention of "RHN" from this applet's configuration screens/options so as
to not mislead/confuse new users into thinking up2date is still
associated with RNH?
- A small side-issue for up2date: Is there any need to continue
inclusion of the "View Advisory" button within up2date screens?
Currently it provides no intended purpose; is there maybe a future
infrastructure being developed to enable a functional button for this?

My apologies if these issues have already been discussed and/or a

Matt Hansen.

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