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Re: RFC: fedora.us QA approval format

Hi Patrice,

>> - Check of the srpm md5sum (if it exists)
> Maybe here there could be a check that the srpm doesn't install anything
> wrong (that is doesn't contain paths) ?

Could you clarify that ? I thought the srpm could only contain the sources
and the spec file, without paths. Can it be different ?

>> - Download of the sources, with md5sum check
> Maybe the download should't be automatic, such that it is possible to
> check that the download url is really the right url (presumably searching
> first the project home page with google, in order not to use the url
> provided in the srpm, and verifying that it is the right download page),
> and not one with bad package ?

Right now, you get to look at the spec file after the sources check. Then
you can paste the url in you browser and check the location.

>> - Support for livna packages
> What does this mean ?

Packages in the non-us section of fedora.us are at rpm.livna.org (usualy,
the problem is software patents or DMCA). This is equivalent to non-us in
Debian and PLF in Mandrake. They use a bugzilla at bugzilla.livna.org and
have the same procedure as fedora.us

> Anyway this script is a very good idea.

Thanks for you support !

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