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Re: Future: fhs 2.3 compliance for fc3

Hi Stephen,

> The other version was one that would partition the laptop disk
> into 'mirrors' of itself. 

I do something like this on a server, to be able to boot back into a
known good state if an update ruins the system.

> /boot  -- 1 I think

In my setup I use two boot partitions (or actually /boot is part of /1
and /2). This is especially useful when doing kernel updates (instead of
installs), like SuSE does.

> /1
> /2
> /home  -- 1 I think

Yes, user data is shared. Also share /var/log and /var/spool (and /srv),
but not /var/lib (rpmdb etc). Another proof of how messy /var is...

> boot is set up to boot into say /1 the first time, and then the asyncd
> updates /2 to whatever the network says it should be.

I just rsync the known good system to /mnt/backsys (which is /2) before
an update, but then my setup is used to be able to roll back, not
forward :) .

> Grub is changed appropriately

In this roll back setup it is also important to adjust /etc/fstab
according to the / partition. It's an integral part of the rsync
scriplet I use. Seems to work flawlessly, but luckily I never had to
rely on it (knock on wood ;) .


mount -t life -o ro /dev/dna /genetic/research

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