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Re: Promise ATA and FC1/2

Paul Rigor wrote:
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone is developing (b/c the manufacturer are *useless* about it... you can request for my correspondence w/ them)...
anyways, i was wondering if anyone was developing a promise s150 ata controller driver? if anything, i'd like to be involved; but i've never written a driver before. i'm an okay programmer... could anyone point me to the right direction, please?

There are a number of s150 cards. The non raid controllers should just work with 2.6, or a 2.4 kernel with libata patched in. The S150 tx2 just works for me with a patch 2.4, and with an unpatched 2.6.

PS- If you are compiling your own kernel look under scsi--> scsi low_level_drivers for the sata drivers.
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