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Impact of 4G/4G split [Re: CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND...]

On Fri, 2004-04-02 at 14:45, Jeremy Katz wrote:

> The newer kernels have the 4G/4G VM split enabled.  When you resume with
> this patch applied, the machine triple faults and then reboots.  It's
> being looked into...

What is the performance impact of the 4G/4G split? I thought that it was
actually somewhat severe (haven't measured it myself though), so that
enabling this would only be useful when you're actually using a lot of
memory. Is this the case, and if it is, would it be a good idea to have
separate kernels for desktop/"low-memory" configurations without the
4G/4G split enabled? (I seem to recall that there might have been
special "hugemem" kernels with compile options chosen to optimize for
handling loads of memory as opposed to the normal kernels.)

Best regards,
Per Bjornsson

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